Be My Valentine

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       It is Valentine’s Day Weekend! People seem to love or hate this holiday (usually depending on the state of their love lives). I think I have always loved it. It is a total girl holiday. I like the girly colors (pink and red) and I love being pampered. Chocolate is also a plus. I really see no down side. Even if you are not in love, you can dress up and buy yourself chocolates. Seems like a win-win to me. Of course being in love on this holiday makes it special.

        My Tres Read more at the source.

Hugs and Kisses at Fi*Fridays!

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Fi*Fridays is celebrating! This round, apart from the usual amazing 55L or less prices we have a special event where some of the designers are offering amazing items at only 25L! Hurry over and check them out! The last day is the 15th!


Teleport to Fi*Fridays


ARIO - top, 55L each
BAUBLES BY PHE - jewelry, 55L each
BELLE P APPAREL - lingerie, 55L each
BELLE POSES - poses, 55L each
BENS BEAUTY - hair, 55L
BENS BEAUTY - outfit, 55L
BENS BEAUTY - heels, 55L each
BITCH FACTORY - dress, 55L each
BITTERSWEET - clothing, 25L/55L each
BODY FACTORY - shorts, 55L each
BODY FACTORY - mask, 50L per play
CANDAY SHOP - top/lingerie, 55L each/25L each
CDA - skirt, 55L
CLOCKHAUS - leggings, 25L/55L each
EMPORIUM - pants/top, 55L each
EMPORIUM - shoes, 55L each
EPOCH - dress, 25L/55L each
EVOLOVE - poses, 55L each/25L
GLITZZ - dress, 55L each
GLITZZ - jewelry, 55L each
GO DIVA - lingerie, 55L each
GOSSIP - romper/lingerie, 55L each/25L
IAF - skirt, 55L each
IAF - bag, 55L each
ILAYA - bodysuit, 55L each
LE FORME - belly chain, 30L per play
LE FORME - top/thong, 55L each
LOORDES OF LONDON - dress, 25L/55L each
LOORDES OF LONDON - heels, 25L/55L each
MINT - dress, 25L/55L each
MODERN COUTURE - jewelry, 55L each
MYNX - earrings, 55L each
OBSCURE - goggles, 25L per play
OBSCURE - harnesses, 55L each
PLEX - lingerie, 55L each
PURE - clothing, 25L each/55L each
REVANCHE - dress, 55L each
SECRETS - piercing/necklace, 55L/25L
SHAN - outfit/dress, 55L each/25L
SIIX - monokini, 55L each
STORAX TREE - home decor, 25L/55L each
SUPERNATURAL - hoodie, 55L per play
SUPERNATURAL - bodysuit, 25L/55L each
THE WHORESHOP - pants, 25L each
TREVAH - jumpsuit, 25L/55L each
TREVAH - heels, 55L
UNBOTHERED - clothing, 55L each
WAYNE - dresses, 55L each
WAYNE - heels, 55L each

Can’t Recognize a Real Unicorn….

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So the next upcoming Enchantment event is Last Unicorn themed and I am SO HYPED! So this is a very hard to get reference if you haven’t seen the movie, so I’ll explain it anyway. At one point when the last unicorn is captured, normal people cannot see her besides a white horse – so they put on a fake unicorn horn so people will believe it; even if it’s true. With that and the red bull on her mind it was a difficult trial for her to overcome. So most of the items from here are from Naminoke’s releases … Read more at the source.

Hola mi amores! Androgyny here with a LOTD for you all! No…

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Hola mi amores! Androgyny here with a LOTD for you all! No triple decker this time, I’m serving you a single portion ;]! Leaving you hungry for the next post that shall be super bomb! I hope you all enjoy this lovely post! Don’t forget, all is is fair in fashion with T.A.B! 

On Androgyny

Hair: MOON. // Nashville // @ Uber
Lashes: Mai Bilavio // Celebrity Boudoir Lashes 
Outfit: M.BIRDIE // TomCat // @ TCF
Shoe: #EMPIRE // Lamprocapnos // @ ThriftShop
Hat: [Bad Unicorn] // Ecstatic 60 Snapback Limited Edition 
Fur: ::Axix:: // Triss Fur … Read more at the source.

The City by Betty Tureaud

In Events, Fashion by Deoridhe Grimsdottir

I have packed my suitcase
walk out the door without looking back
Leaving hopelessness and take the bus
to the city

With the hope of a better life
I stand in the dust, waiting for the door to open
on the way to the city

My last money is used for a plane ticket
Hope and uncertainty awaits me in the foreign
I am on my way without looking back

*Betty Tureaud*
The City: Another Plane

You land in the sand with a poem in your hands. Aside from a bit of brush, oddly green against the weight of all that gray, are sets … Read more at the source.

Hunt of Hunts Hunt 6 – Gifts Mania!!!

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The 6th Annual Hunt of Hunts Hunt is going on now at Dulce Secrets. This is a hunt not to be missed. With lots of items for women, and a few unisex and guy specific things as well, it is worth it to grab some friends and come on down. It isn’t a very taxing hunt, the bottles to find are fairly large, and aren’t hidden in a tricky fashion.

Partners in Espionage

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Partners in Espionage
Head – Catwa – Gwen NEW UPDATES
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Skin – The Skinnery – Maddie NEW @ C88
Eyes – IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Hair – Moon. Hair // – Ombres – Code Uma NEW @ C88
Suit – (Milk Motion) spy bodysuit – black NEW @ C88
Boots – …Mutresse… Kaisia Boots – 18 Colors NEW @ C88
Nylons – (Milk Motion) transparent jumpsuit NEW @ C88
Accessories – BAMSE – Gunslinger Gacha – Dreamer
-UtopiaH- My Ringed Leather Eyepatch V2 – Raven
Obscure – Assassins Holster Silver
Rings – Kibitz  – Maya ring set … Read more at the source.

Adding Some More Red

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Hiya everyone! There are so many great prizes from the Add Some Red Hunt 3, I’m really excited to share some more tonight including a closer look at the nail HUD I used last night. While it is a very appropriate time of year for red, I feel like it always is if you like it!

This beautiful dress with matching shoes is our prize from #10 Bomshie. The Marjani Outfit includes plenty of sizes of dress including 5 fitmesh sizes, Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink versions, along with the Slink high heels. The gold really complements the dark red Read more at the source.