Pretty In Pink

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We’re about half way through Whimsical so now would be the time to visit as the sim has quietened down and you probably won’t have to fight your way in.

Pretty In Pink

The gorgeous and detailed bodysuit is Istyr from Aisling. You can find it in 4 latex packs and 4 leather packs. Each pack contains two colours and a hud that allows you to change the colour of the metal parts, change the lace texture (or turn it off completely) and tint it any colour you wish. It both SLink bodies and the Maitreya Lara.

The Athena hair is from Olive … Read more at the source.

Summer Love

In Events, Fashion by Goizane Cobain

   mesh head: LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega  @Mainstore NEW

skin applier: Glam Affair – Logo Applier – Sia – ( America ) 03
mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara @Mainstore
ears: [MANDALA] SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU @Marketplace
face moles: [LF] Beauty Moles II @Marketplace

body freckles: Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Body Freckles @Marketplace

 hair[monso] My Hair – Sana_/Red @Uber NEW 
shirt: ASO! T-shirt & Relax Jeans – shirt @SaNaRae NEW
pants:ASO! T-shirt & Relax Jeans – jeans @SaNaRae NEW
 sandalsfri. – Dusty.Sandals (Cocoa)

Read more at the source.

Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Pray

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I’m not big on praying, I should say that up front. The idea of an Almighty looking down on us and having an element of control over what happens is at direct odds with the amount of religious wars, human suffering and craziness around.

So, I don’t pray to say thank you. I don’t thank a god for my life, I don’t think a god for the food I eat and I don’t thank a god for each new day. I don’t thank a god for my blessings or for the people who love me. But that doesn’t mean to … Read more at the source.

Fun In The Sun At Uber!

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Get a jump start on your summer fun by getting serious about your wardrobe at Uber!  Every must-have article of clothing and oodles of accessories can be found right here along with everything you need to kick back and relax, including gorgeous breezy builds you gotta’ have to cool off your hot heels!  Don’t wait, this round will only be around until June 23rd!

Connie & Eden

Teleport to Uber

MIA: Eaters Coma, Shi


ADDAMS - bikini/dress/fatpack, 199L each/1299L
ALICE PROJECT - hair/special pack/essential pack/fatpack, 300L each/350L/375L/400L/500L/800L/1350L
ANE - sneakers/fatpack, 220L each/2000L
BAIASTICE - dress/fatpack, 295L each/1495L
BAIASTICE - necklace/purse/fatpack, 190L each/495L
BODY LANGUAGE BY SWEET LOVELY CUTE - AO/individual poses, 1280L/100L each
CANDYDOLL - skirt/fatpack, 229L each/1899L
CHEEKY PEA - gazebo set, 1050L each/1800L each
CHEEKY PEA - gazebo set, 1050L each/1800L each
CURELESS - tattoo, 300L each
DEAD DOLLZ - dress/bikini/fatpack, 200L each/1700L
DEETALEZ - skin, 1099L each.
DELA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/350L each/1295L each
DELA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/350L/1295L
EMERY - top/skirt/fatpack, 200L each/250L each/1250L/1000L
ERRATIC - lingerie/set/fatpack, 199L each/399L each/1299L each/3999L
FISHY STRAWBERRY - corset/fatpack, 235L each/955L
FRIDAY - sandals/fatpack, 250L each/1400L
GLAM AFFAIR - applier/crown, 599L each/198L each
HUCCI - dress/fatpack, 255L each/195L each/995L/795L
ISON - dress/boot/fatpack, 195L each/795L each
IZZIES - tattoo, 299L
JUNBUG - dress, 495L each
JUST BECAUSE - skirt/fatpack, 200L each/1300L
JUST DESIGN - sandals/fatpack, 295L each/995L
KALOPSIA - see description for details
KITJA - shorts/top/jacket/fatpacks, 299L each/249L each/279L each/1119L/999L/ 1099L
LUXE - necklace/fatpack, 200L each/500L
MASOOM - top/skirt/fatpack, 220L each/1100L
MISS CHELSEA - top/shorts/fatpacks, 250L each/500L
MONSO - hair/regular pack, 225L each/315L each
N4RS - picnic set, 399L/999L each
NCORE - heels/fatpack, 200L each/990L each
OLIVE - hair/fatpack, 275L each/375L each/1,500L
OLIVE - hair/fatpack, 275L each/375L each/1,500L
PAPER ARROW CO - dress/fatpack, 225L each/1499L
PURE POISON - sandals, 249L.
REIGN - heels, 599L
REVERIE - shirt/skirt/color packs/fatpack, 250L each/175L each/750L/500L/1250L/850L
SEUL - top/shorts, 300L each/250L each
SORBET - dress/fatpack, 275L each/2100L
SPIRIT - see description for details
TETRA - jacket/skirt/fatpack, 249L each/149L each/999L/499L
THE SUGAR GARDEN - bikini, 250L each
TROMPE LOEIL - treehouse/chair, 425L/550L/360L
TROMPE LOEIL - treehouse/chair, 425L/550L/360L
TROMPE LOEIL - treehouse/chair, 425L/550L/360L
TROMPE LOEIL - treehouse/chair, 425L/550L/360L
TROMPE LOEIL - treehouse/chair, 425L/550L/360L
TRUTH - hair/special color pack/fatpack, 200L each/350L/1000L
VALEKOER - shoes/fatpack, 249L each/799L
VALENTINA E - bodysuit/fatpack, 285L each/1495L
VINYL - bikini/fatpack, 199L each/1200L
VIVE NINE RYVOLTER - bikini/fatpack, 199L each/1200L
WASABI PILLS - hair/special color pack/fatpack, 250L/350L/800L
ZENITH - top, 300L each
ZIBSKA - makeup/fatpack, 300L each/250L/400L/150L/850LRead more at the source.

Lavian&CO @ The Courage Event.

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Kumo Mi


Dear reader.

Lavian is participating with “The Courage Event“. Running until 30th May.
This is a charity event for raises funds for the Canadian Red Cross’ efforts to Aid those affected by the massive wildfires in Alberta.
Lavian’s fashion item will donate 50%.

picture1 – picture3
 outfit : **Lavian&CO -[SamJones] Champagne Problems Bag 3 @ The Courage Event.
 Hair : [e] Arabella – Essentials
 pose : Di’s opera
 Heal : Lavian&Co-Cheryl Straps Bag 1 @ main store 

outfit and Heal color change by HUD. There is a lot of beautiful design!

I hope you visit The Courage Event.
and Happy … Read more at the source.

DS QueenHarnessSarahShoesMoonNecklace

In Events, Fashion by Jess Ica

Delirium Style and Rezology

WooT another day closer to the weekend!! Yayyy!!! I can’t wait. So in honor of Wacky Wednesday I have decided to go back to the ’80s. That is right ya’ll can’t tell me that ain’t wacky enough hehe 1st up we have a sexy body suit with a waist harness from Delirium Style. It is called Queen Harness Suit. It is made for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink bodies and has a color HUD for both the bodysuit and the harness. Next up is an amazing necklace from Delirium Style that is called Moon Necklace. It is a black cord … Read more at the source.

# 139 – 60L Discounts

In Designers, Events, Fashion by IT Indulge Temptation

You have time till 26th of May midnight to get if you haven’t already quite a deal: for only 60L each, discounted for this round of the My 60L secret Sales, you have a mix of 3 different products starting with Seraphim Wings Collar, former Dark Side Fair exclusive, then Simplicity Set, till recently a Garage Fair exclusive and ending with Entwined Set at the same amazing price. I wouldn’t miss this if I were you
My 60L secret Sales – starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators
Read more at the source.

Sweet, Angelic SaNaRae!

In Designers, Events, Fashion by Jordan


It’s time to add some angelic cuteness to your life with the always adorable SaNaRae!  The creators have some fabulous items waiting for you to come and check out, and to add to your bulging inventories!  Hurry on in, as the round ends 18th June!

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

TP to SaNaRae

MIA: Amitomo, Khoi, Leijin, Offbeat, Pewpew, Pseudo, Sweet Lies, Tabou


A BREAKFAST CONVO - skirt/fatpack, 205L each/2,000L
A BREAKFAST CONVO - skirt/fatpack, 205L each/2,000L
ALTAIR - choker, 119L each
ASO&SOOTHE - top/pants/fatpack, 90L each/130L each/450L/520L
AYASHI - hair/fatpack, 200L each/320L each/1,200L
BELLE EPOQUE - outfit/accessories, 50L per play
BLOODRAKEX - decor, 113L each
CANDY CRUNCHERS - decor/rings, 50L per play/200L
CILA - collar, 50L per play
CUBIC CHERRY - collar/fatpack, 125L each/375L
CURELESS - tattoo, 199L
DISTORTED DREAMS - tent, 50L per play
DP YUMYUM - hair/fatpack, 300L each/1,200L
DUBU - accessory, 225L
ENFER SOMBRE - skin, 225L
EVERMORE - horns/tail, 200L each/350L each
EVOLOVE - poses/ice cream, 99L/55L/50L per play
FRAYED KNOT - decor, 180L
FRAYED KNOT - decor, 180L
GARBAGGIO - pumps, 150L each
HOLLI POCKET - top, 150L each
IGOTIT - tattoo, 50L per play
KIIKO - lips/eyeshadow, 350L/105L
LA JOLIE ROSE - poses/fatpack, 60L each/240L
LOVE - hair/fatpack, 200L each/220L each/1,000L
ME SEW SEXY - dress, 225L each
MELLOW - hair, 75L per play
MESH INDIA - decor, 50L per play/80L
MIGNON - dress, 50L per play
MIKO - accessory, 50L per play
MILKTEA - lingerie/fatpack, 75L each/500L
MINIMAL - glasses, 75L per play
MIX - dress/fatpack, 200L each/650L
MODERN COUTURE - necklace, 188L each
NANIKA - tattoo, 50L per play
NEVERWISH - shoes, 280L
NEWCHURCH - decor, 380L each
NOMI - decor, 75L per play
NOMI - decor, 75L per play
OXIDE - jewelry, 99L
PILLOWS - decor, 199L/299L
PINK HUSTLER - hair, 230L each
QUIRKY - socks, 499L
SALLIE - tee, 140L each
SERENITY STYLE - decor, 130L
SIX OCLOCK - decor, 145L
SUPERNATURAL - lingerie, 150L each
SYNCD MOTION - dance/fatpack, 325L each/995L
THE ANNEX - dress, 225L each
THOR - decor/fatpack, 49L-299L/759L.
URBAN STREET - tattoo, 250L
ZIBSKA - makeup, 175L eachRead more at the source.